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Information on reprocessing provided by the manufacturer - in compliance with DIN ISO 17664

In compliance with DIN EN ISO 17664, we are obliged to provide information on validated reprocessing methods. The listed informative sheets contain detailed instructions on the reprocessing of the entire Komet Medical range. Please select the applicable product group!

Instructions for use

Saw blades/Rasps non-sterile

301576 - Rev 2018-09


Saw blades/Rasps sterile

302852 - Rev 2018-07


Saw blades disposable

313109 - Rev 2017-04


Saw blades endoprosthetics single use

313761 - Rev 2018-11


Rotary and reciprocating instruments non-sterile

301579 - Rev 2018-09


Rotary instruments sterile

302853 - Rev 2019-03


Bur block

303898 - Rev 2016-07


Guide Pins and Screws

309561 - Rev 2018-05


Guide Pins and Screws | Kirschner/Steinmann US

309869 - Rev 2018-11



310612 - Rev 2019-03


Sterile, disposable corneal rust ring removers

306201 - Rev 2019-03


GENIUS Shaver Blades

304313 - Rev 2018-07



304384 - Rev 2018-08



ISO-13485:2016 (MDSAP)

valid until 18.10.2021

EN ISO-13485:2016

valid until 19.01.2023


valid until 19.01.2023

Directive 93/42/EEC

valid until 19.01.2024

AEO Certificate




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